There’re a lot of documentations available to take tcp dump in Linux based distributions but for windows, there’s very less. So for this, I thought to write a blog article on how to take tcpdump in Windows.

For this purpose we can use a tool called ‘Windump’ [1] .


Hi Everyone,

Mmm this would be my first story in Medium.

Every good story needs a beginning right ? (Yeah, even bad stories have ones)

I used to blog a way back, not just about technical stuff, I used to write poems and verses when I was free. But for some time I was a bit away from writing and just thought to starts writing again in Medium about the things I learn, I heard and probably I know.

So if you read this, Wish me a ton of good luck (one for each story) ❤

Thanks and Regards


Maneesha Wijesekara

BSc in ICT, CTFL in QA, CIM Base for Marketing, HEQ in BCS and Sleeping in the Morning

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